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Introduction to threading machine

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abstract:brief introduction       The threading machine is composed of: machine body, motor, reducer, pipe chuck,

brief introduction

       The threading machine is composed of: machine body, motor, reducer, pipe chuck, die head, cutter holder, cutter feeding device and cooling system.

In order to save manufacturing costs, there are two kinds of threading machines, heavy-duty and light-duty. The heavy-duty threading machine is an all aluminum alloy body, and the model code is generally 100 or 100A. The price is relatively expensive, and the sliding frame has large span, good stability and durability. The general net weight is 175 kg, which is suitable for large-scale processing of pipe threads in fixed sites.

      Generally, the lower part of the light threading machine body is made of 2mm thick iron plate, and the upper part is made of aluminum alloy. The model code is generally 100C or 100iii or r4-ii. The price is low, the span of the sliding frame is small, and the stability is not very good, but the weight is light. The general net weight is about 130 kg, which is convenient for handling, and is suitable for those who work frequently.

      High efficiency threading machine: by increasing the power of the motor and strengthening the relevant parts of the reducer, the threading speed can be increased and the threading efficiency can be improved. Because high speed can discharge the debris faster, the threading effect is better than that of ordinary machines.

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