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G-1X Heavy duty Combo groover for 1"~12"

G-1X Heavy duty Combo groover for 1"~12"

In-the-air grooving on industrial pipes

Product feature

Gruvmaster? G-1X Heavy Duty Combo Groover is an ideal grooving tool with multiple functions: manual roll grooving in-the-air, or driven by a threading machine/power drive for shop/jobsite application. G-1X requires only 8?" of clearance to travel around a pipe and a minimum of 2?" of exposed pipe for grooving. With the appropriate roll sets, G-1X can groove from 1" to 12" pipe, the widest range in-the-air! With power drive and easy adaption, G-1X is suitable for massive pipe roll grooving on jobsite or in fabrication shops. 2-tools-in-1 is the best choice for pipe grooving work on all sprinkler pipelines and industrial pipe systems.

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